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6 Days Dark

6 Days Dark

The victim of an ancient Gypsy curse, a young Serbian woman’s world becomes surreal and deadly.

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It’s very simple - just click Play and wait for the 6 Days Dark to load. The 6 Days Dark movie is available for watching with subtitles.

6 Days Dark 123Movies review

Surprisingly, the 6 Days Dark 123movies method of filing a film turned out to be both incredibly simple and at the same time very effective and impressive. 6 Days Dark is a truly breath of fresh air in the Horror genre. The script and meaning of the 6 Days Dark (2015) movie is very simple. The rating already speaks about this. But I cannot say that the script is bad. To watch this movie, stock up on popcorn, as it runs for 90 min minutes. One cannot but praise Miona Bogovic as a director, since he did not have the most impressive budget at his disposal, but despite this, he managed to make a film that looks much more expensive than the amount spent. As for the acting part, we can only say that the Allison Tolman, Ana Maljević, Jasmina Dimitrijević, Lana May, Lorena Rincon, Miljana Kravic, Oleg Vidov, Peter J. Chaffey, Sinead Shannon Roche, Svetlana D. Petkovic coped with their task well.


IMDb: 3.9