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A Glitch in the Matrix

A Glitch in the Matrix

Are we in fact living in a simulation? This is the question postulated, wrestled with, and ultimately argued for through archival footage, compelling interviews with real people shrouded in digital avatars, and a collection of cases from some of our most iconoclastic figures in contemporary culture.

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The A Glitch in the Matrix (2021) movie is strong! Relevant! Evokes memories! Suggests different thoughts! Does not contain rudeness or vulgarity. In general, all the components of the film are at their best, so we can safely say that this is a good film of the Documentary, Horror, Science Fiction genre. The script and meaning of the A Glitch in the Matrix (2021) movie is very simple. The rating already speaks about this. But I cannot say that the script is bad. You will spend 110 minutes watching the movie. One cannot but praise Rodney Ascher as a director, since he did not have the most impressive budget at his disposal, but despite this, he managed to make a film that looks much more expensive than the amount spent. I was pleasantly surprised by the actors (), who first revealed themselves to me as a strong artist.

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IMDb: 5.3