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A Hollywood stunt performer who moonlights as a wheelman for criminals discovers that a contract has been put on him after a heist gone wrong.

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It’s very simple - just click Play and wait for the Drive to load. The Drive movie is available for watching with subtitles.

Drive 123Movies review

The movie Drive (2011) clearly shows that the wrapper is more important than the content, because the wrapper is really great. I think many will agree that in the framework of modern cinematography in the genre of Best 2011, Racing, few decent films are now being released. The film Drive (2011) should not be taken too seriously: the creators did not set such a task. You will only spend 100 min minutes watching a movie, but it will be worth it. The young director Nicolas Winding Refn, who made this film, boldly takes many of the most interesting moments of films of the past and moves the genre a little further than raising the bar for future filmmakers of such films to the next level. The hero of the film performed by Albert Brooks, Andy San Dimas, Bryan Cranston, Carey Mulligan, Cesar Garcia, Chris Muto, Christina Hendricks, Craig Baxley Jr, Dieter Busch, James Biberi, Jeff Wolfe, Jimmy Hart, Joe Bucaro III, Joe Pingue, John Pyper-Ferguson, Kaden Leos, Kenny Richards, Laurene Landon, Mara LaFontaine, Oscar Isaac, Rachel Dik, Ralph Lawler, Rio Ahn, Ron Perlman, Russ Tamblyn, Ryan Gosling, Steven Knoll, Teonee Thrash, Tiara Parker, Tim Trella, Tina Huang is one hundred percent hit in the image.