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Lars and the Real Girl

Lars and the Real Girl

Extremely shy Lars finds it impossible to make friends or socialize. His brother and sister-in-law worry about him, so when he announces that he has a girlfriend he met on the Internet, they are overjoyed. But Lars’ new lady is a life-size plastic woman. On the advice of a doctor, his family and the rest of the community go along with his delusion.

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Lars and the Real Girl 123Movies review

After the movie Lars and the Real Girl, I’m still in a great mood. Lars and the Real Girl (2007) is a spectacular, gripping and uplifting film, albeit with its flaws, but it is definitely one of the best representatives of cinema made in recent times. The script and meaning of the Lars and the Real Girl (2007) movie is very simple. The rating already speaks about this. But I cannot say that the script is bad. You will spend 106 min minutes watching the movie. One cannot but praise Craig Gillespie as a director, since he did not have the most impressive budget at his disposal, but despite this, he managed to make a film that looks much more expensive than the amount spent. The hero of the film performed by Aaron Ferguson, Alec McClure, Angela Vint, Annabelle Torsein, Arnold Pinnock, Aurora Browne, Billy Parrott, Boyd Banks, Danna Howe, Darren Hynes, Doug Lennox, Emily Mortimer, Joe Bostick, Joshua Peace, Karen Robinson, Kelli Garner, Lauren Ash, Liisa Repo-Martell, Lindsey Connell, Liz Gordon, Maxwell McCabe-Lokos, Nancy Beatty, Nicky Guadagni, Patricia Clarkson, Paul Schneider, R. D. Reid, Ryan Gosling, Sally Cahill, Tannis Burnett, Tim Blake, Tommy Chang, Torquil Colbo, Víctor Gómez is one hundred percent hit in the image.


IMDb: 7.3