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My Beloved Bodyguard

My Beloved Bodyguard

A retired bodyguard who has settled into a corner of the world where China, Russia and North Korea meet as he suffers from early dementia finds a new friend in a young girl. When her life is threatened by her father’s connection with a local crime lord, .the bodyguard must call upon his long forgotten skills to save her.

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My Beloved Bodyguard 123Movies review

Personally, I can conclude that I definitely recommend watching the movie My Beloved Bodyguard (2016), but most likely I will not watch it a second time soon. We can definitely say that this film is one of the best in the genre. Summing up the large number of words written above, I will say that the movie My Beloved Bodyguard (2016) is very good to watch in the evening in good company. You will only spend 99 min minutes watching a movie, but it will be worth it. I want to throw in my five kopecks when discussing a film directed by Sammo Hung, and the most appropriate phrase to describe it would be ’simple and tasteful’. The hero of the film performed by Ailei Yu, Andy Lau, Ashton Xu, Dean Shek, Deng Chao, Du Yi-Heng, Eddie Peng, Feng Jia-Yi, Hu Jun, Jacqueline Chan, James Lee Guy, Karl Maka, Lai Xi, Li Qinqin, Lily Ji Li, Liu Qing-Xiang, Maksim Manylov, Mou Xing, Sammo Hung, Shi Zhan-Biao, Song Jia, Tian Liang, Tomer Oz, Tsui Hark, Wang Xue-Bing, William Feng, Yan Feng-Min, Yuan Ting, Yuen Biao, Yuen Bo, Yuen Qiu, Yuen Wah, Zhang Gui-Bo, Zhu Yuchen is one hundred percent hit in the image.

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