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Nipples & Palm Trees

Nipples & Palm Trees

A down and out journey into a land of raunchy and bizarre sexual encounters. Jackson is a struggling artist with a dead end job and a terrible love life. Lately his loneliness is getting the best of him and he finds himself desiring something more out life. But in the city of Los Angeles, the good girls are few and far between. And what do you do when the prospect of some quick lovin’ loses it’s appeal?

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Nipples & Palm Trees 123Movies review

I want to say that Nipples & Palm Trees turned out to be a fascinating and rather intriguing film, which is worth watching carefully, without being distracted around. In general, all the components of the film are at their best, so we can safely say that this is a good film of the Comedy genre. In general, Nipples & Palm Trees (2012) is a gorgeous film, many people will like it, but everyone to a different degree! You will only spend 90 min minutes watching a movie, but it will be worth it. The young director Dylan Reynolds, who made this film, boldly takes many of the most interesting moments of films of the past and moves the genre a little further than raising the bar for future filmmakers of such films to the next level. I was pleasantly surprised by the actors (Akihiro Kitamura, Allison Tolman, Cary Thompson, Dallas Malloy, David Kallaway, Drevon Cooks, Jackie Kamm, Joseph Beck, Joycelyne Lew, Kiyomi Fukazawa, Mark Irvingsen, Matthew James, Sadie Katz, Sarah Kozer, Vanessa Rose Parker, Will Morales), who first revealed themselves to me as a strong artist.